It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky it happens once in a lifetime.

Charlyn’s Board of Directors:

Social Media Visionaries  make it easy to embrace the power  of Social Media Marketing. Learn how to use Social Media!

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You will love my TEAM of Social Media Visionaries

Russ Wasendorf Jr.
Russ Wasendorf Jr.Team Leader, Director of Web Development, Facebook Guru and Social Media Visionary
Charlyn Shelton
Charlyn SheltonChief Visionary Officer, Online Networking Guru, LinkedIn Expert and Social Media Visionary
Gary Hyman
Gary HymanTeam Leader, Director of Strategic Planning, Technologist, Twitter Expert and Social Media Visionary
Trish Murphy
Trish MurphyDirector of Online Search Results, SEO Expert, Content Marketing Guru and Social Media Visionary
Vincent Gerace
Vincent GeraceDirector of Video Production, Videographer, YouTube Expert and Social Media Visionary
Dr. Rachel Haviland
Dr. Rachel HavilandDirector of Traffic Generation, Ph. D., Google Guru and Social Media Visionary
Jessica Toomey
Jessica ToomeyBusiness Support Director, Graphic Designer, SMV Team Coordinator, Social Media Visionary

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We Are Dedicated To Our Clients & Services We Offer

Simply put, we thrive on providing the best up to date and most complete and trusted valuable Social Media Marketing information, tools and services on the market.

Why Social Media Visionaries:

After speaking  in front of audiences around the world, people always wanted more of the practical, easy to understand techniques that Charlyn shared. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to take care of everyone, so she came up with the perfect solution!

A team of the best of the best at each area of expertise, who spend 100’s of hours a month staying ahead of the game and bringing the smartest tip for your business every month.

My team does all the work for you! You are dealing with experts in their fields, and not a ‘jack of all trades’. We deliver the who, what, when, where, why and most importantly the how of all the best for your business.

To use one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing tools Social Media Marketing to give your company a competitive advantage.
Charlyn Shelton and the Social Media Visionaries is a Board of Directors that are experts in their social media marketing channel. They are in expensive way to access the powerful tools of Social Media Marketing without having to break the bank hiring internally.
Charlyn Shelton guarantees that if you do not see results with our social media marketing strategies and solutions you can cancel at any time and will not be charged for the service.
In the month the service was started if you are not satisfied you just need to contact Charlyn and may cancel the service for any reason you and you will not be charged for that month of service.
Charlyn Shelton and the Social Media Visionaries deliver on the time tables defined in the proposal with the results stated in the proposal.

Amazing Tools and Tips to BOOST your business

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We work with Industry Leaders, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We love our clients and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing service, advice, tools and efficient and effective Social Media Marketing solutions that WORK for you!

Charlyn is a fantastic presenter! Informative and thoroughly engaging. It’s a pleasure working with her and I will certainly have her back for future FICPA conferences.
Diane Major, Conference Manager, Florida Institute of CPA’s
Charlyn does not only know how to leverage social media to help your business grow, she knows how to teach that expertise to others. There are a lot of social media experts out there, but very few have the rare skill to teach their knowledge in a way that people can actually do something with it! I strongly recommend giving her a serious shot, she is worth it!
Emeric Ernoult, Agora Pulse
Charlyn hit it out of the ball park on a personal branding presentation with her fun costuming, social media lessons, personal story and sexy ending. There were lots of questions and BIG applause. Thanks, Charlyn you were and are fabulous!
Linda Adams, FNGLA, Chief Operating Officer
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We have solutions to fit all business types and budgets with a Social Media Board of Directors available to give advice, devise solutions and BOOST your business! We make Social Media Marketing simple, easy and effective.
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