“Remember, Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”

After recently completing a private half day training for Remax Metro in St. Petersburg FL. I was asked by one of the realtors…

“Why do I need to learn all of this instead of just hiring an intern to do it?”

Great question and since I get asked this often, I thought I’d share with you my reasons why NOT to use an intern and then let you make the best decision for your company.

1. All it takes is ONE mistake to land on the national news. Interns and entry-level hires can bring wonderful creativity and great energy and sept 1enthusiasm to your business. Adding in a breath of fresh air of creativity and it seems like a winning combination!

They are also the most likely to make a rookie mistake that can cost your company the reputation you have worked so hard to earn. There are literally hundreds of national headlines over the years from social media disasters made by well-meaning interns. Whether it is posting to the wrong account, (remember Red Cross) or firing off something in the heat of the moment, experience can be a very devastating teacher.

2. There’s so much more than just posting ‘stuff’ against the wall.
It isn’t a random just throw something out there that sounds good that serves as a posting strategy that works to build your brand or create quality engagement with your clients. The value of your social media community lies in well-crafted content and meaningful ‘conversations’ that build long-term relationships. There is more to take into account than day to day posting. There is also the need to understand the analytics and metrics and the proficiency of your marketing. Do they understand the value of engagement over just numbers of your fan base?


3. Just because they have used social media for years, doesn’t make sept 2them an expert!
10 years and billions of marketing dollars later, social media management has developed into a very specific skill set. The person calling the shots on your brand pages needs to understand your brand, marketing and PR goals, as well as be a customer service genius to really maximize your results.


4. Would you want an intern to speak to the world for you?
Think about it, LinkedIn is the largest business to business database in the world!
Facebook is the largest personal database in the world! Would you want an intern to have that much power?

Would you want an intern to speak for you on a global platform? That’s a pretty big risk!
Has your intern ever owned a business? Then how can they think like one?
Just my humble opinion….

Wishing you much success!