Jan. 14, 2015 started out as most days do for me, with my daily prayer and journaling and planning my day…little did I know what a change in those plans there was going to be! Again, life deals me a curve ball much like I experienced on July 11, 2003.  This time I was a passenger test driving a new car with one of my best friends.

pic1An elderly gentleman ran a red light causing a serious car accident which resulted in injuries for me that included cracked ribs, a cerebral hemorrhage, a broken arm and a shattered shoulder.  Nope, didn’t have that on my agenda at all!

All I can say is thank heavens for modern medicine, morphine, and a gifted orthopedic surgeon! I have learned that you no longer care what you look like; you just want to get well.

Two weeks after surgery, and lots of TLC from my daughter, family and friends, I finally find my smile again.  I have to tell you there were some dark times as well…Pollyanna Positive was not so positive, but I think it is important to be honest with you about that as well!

Pain is an interesting teacher, and I realized that I could wallow in the pain and the pic2pity party, or I could count my blessings and get on with life.  That was this moment in the picture.

I learned about humility, and that God NEVER deserts us, although I have deserted Him

Ego is a waste of time!  The first time I tried to shower I crumbled into a bed of tears, and my daughter lovingly helped me and encouraged me. Other ‘sisters’ did the same, I learned unconditional love.

I have learned that my blessings are not based on my ‘worthiness’, but the goodness of others and the love of God.  We are our own worst critics, and it’s time to kill the inner critic.

I have learned that even strangers ‘have my back’, and I am blessed beyond the words that I can possibly describe the emotions in my heart!  There are just good people that do good things without any expectations!  Earth angels will show up, my job was to let go of my ego and learn to receive in grace.  Interesting lessons on who ‘showed up’ and who didn’t.

I have learned that miracles can happen from painful experiences.  My brother whom I hadn’t spoken to in over 5 years called me.  And for the first time in 59 years told me he loved me.  (Pick up the phone if you need to don’t wait until it might be too late.)

I have learned that sometimes we are ‘teaching’ without even realizing it

Feb letterOne of the surprises I received was a care package in the mail from a dear friend that I haven’t seen for years!  She reminded me of a kindness that I had done over 25 years ago and she was paying it forward.

I am only sharing this, not to toot my own horn, but to share a lesson learned, you never know who is watching or what kind of influence you might have, either good or bad.  Be aware.

I received many, many cards, letters, gifts, gifts of service, and more than I can ever repay, but I will always pay it forward.  There were literally people all over the world praying for me, many of whom I didn’t even know, but I have learned that the power of prayer trumps the medical profession every time!  The first diagnosis was hope for a partial recovery and now they are saying I will have a full recovery!  Thank you, each and every one of you!

I have learned that the power of social media is REAL!  I have always taught that social media is about return on relationships, and people that I have never even met stepped forward to support me.  Their goodness again, is about them…but social media was the tool used to give the blessing.

I have learned that my bank account was small, but my wealth is immeasurable!!  I am rich beyond all that money can buy because of the priceless relationships I have with family, both blood and ‘adopted’, with friends known and unknown and most of all, for God and the angels.

I honor you!  YOU are what this journey has been about…YOU are the gift!  Because of YOU, my life has been blessed beyond words can possibly subscribe; I hope you can feel it!  I am the luckiest girl in the world, and I love you.

Much love-