We are offering you Different Service Packages as per your Requirements!!

Gold Package (Level 3 – Done For you = 1 full time staff member)

The Starting Line

  • Private consultation to formulate marketing goals and desired results.
  • Professionally designed graphics that will unify all of your online platforms.
  • A company list of targeted keywords created specifically to obtain your desired results.
  • Setup structure for monthly blog article. All ‘Done for You’…900-1000words.
  • Set up Facebook marketing program and $50.00 marketing for ads.
  • One customized landing page to increase your database and/or sell products or services.
  • Set up social media structure and calendar for weekly posting.
  • Create custom graphics to be applied to company videos.
  • Email automation program set up.
  • Google remarking campaigns set up. To keep your audience engaged.
  • Place company properly on Google+ , Bing and Yahoo to increase success to be found.
  • Creating of customized sales letters for lead genration.
  • LinkedIn Company Page SetUp Properly. Honing what makes you superior.
  • Creation of 2 additional marketing ads. Set yo increase company performance.
  • The CEO Cliff Notes. Keeping you informed of the most important news in social media.

Level 3 - The Gold Package - Picture

Initial Investment – $2500

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Or you can Also Choose Monthly Support Package

Level 3 - The Gold Package - Picture

Monthly Investment – $2500

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Monthly Support

  • Facbook Marketing Program setup and includes a $100.00 marketing budget.
  • 2 Monthly blogs written. Content then br shared and divided up for multi-puposes.
  • 20 new custom images in the form of Power Point slides. Used through out your platforms.
  • Posting to your social media sites your content, articles, and custom graphics 5x’s a week.
  • 2 videos monthly made from your Powerpoint slides with music.
  • 2 Emails newsletters on the topic of your choice.
  • Continued Google remarking campaign.
  • 2 Linkedin publisher Blogs to the individuals of your choice.
  • Google Ads $100.
  • Monthly VIP planning session.
  • The CEO Cliff Notes.

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