Close your eyes for just a moment, take a deep breath, and relax.  Clear your mind of the chaos and get centered.

April Image 1Now imagine yourself on your deathbed, whether it’s tonight or 50 years from now and I am standing by your side and ask you this one question:

“Was your life a complete success?”

“If you told me on your deathbed that your life had not been a success, what would be the things you’d wish had happened that would make it a success?”

A life changing question don’t you think?  It’s all based on a true story in the book Five Wishes, by Gay Hendricks.

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I recently pulled the book out again over the weekend and re-read it.  As my new journey is starting over I found the lessons and insights powerful!  But it seems that wasn’t a strong enough ‘reminder’ from the Universe, my opportunity to learn more continued.

Yesterday I met a casual acquaintance who had read about my accident and April Image 2reached out to me.  We share something in common now  and I consider myself lucky to be his friend. One of those rare breeds, a true gentleman and class act, Ray Frazier.

He shared with me his near death experience and his journey of being given the ‘life sentence’ of 18 months to live, and he’s still here 12 years later.  With genuine interest and kindness; his question to me; “What have you learned by going through all of this?”

I told him I have learned about ‘blessons’, a combination of lessons and blessings.  I have learned what truly matters and at 59 it’s not too late to start over.  I have learned LOVE WINS, and I have learned I have wishes to fulfill so as I lay on my deathbed 50 years from now, my life will  have been a complete success!

My wish is the same for you.  My prayer is that you won’t have to have a near death experience to wake yourself up to doing what makes you happy.  It’s never too late for a fresh start!

Much Love-