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Dr. Rachel Haviland
Dr. Rachel HavilandDirector of Traffic Generation, Ph. D., Google Guru and Social Media Visionary

Meet Dr. Rachel Haviland.

“I highly recommend Rachel Haviland – she is detailed and knowledgeable on all aspects of marketing and social media. We have collaborated and brainstormed on projects, tools and platforms for several years. In addition to being very talented in her field, she is a dear friend and a joy to work with.”

~ Kathy Perry, Author, Speaker

“I attended a class that Dr. Rachel offered on learning Google Plus. I often struggle with learning social media elements in a classroom format since people are different stages. Rachel had a well organized and structured form to get everyone on the same page. She was detailed and thorough on going through the profile and making sure I had things set up properly. This was incredibly useful and efficient.”

~ Robin Lavitch, MA, CPC


  • Simplifies the complex to bring clarity & focus to all projects.
  • Lifelong student of both the art and science of social media marketing.
  • Uses an integrated multi-media marketing approach.
  • Fanatical about analytics and data-driven marketing for maximum ROI.
  • Marketing experience across 36 industries, from small businesses to multi-million dollar companies.
  • Published author, trainer and popular speaker.
  • British accent – need we say more!
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