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Russ Wasendorf Jr
Russ Wasendorf JrTeam Leader, Director of Web Development, Facebook Guru and Social Media Visionary
Facebook is a giant toolbox of useful social media tools that get your business in front of the right consumers.
Your website is the property that you own that is the hub of all your online activity

Meet Russ Wasendorf Jr.

I worked under Russ Wasendorf, Jr.’s supervision and tutelage for almost four years at myVerona Ristorante and The Falcon Diner. I have always found him to be insightful, intelligent and fair-minded. He has an amazing capacity for business and for the people that make up the business.
His knowledge of the financial realm and his business acumen are surpassed only by his compassion and concern for his employees, associates and family. I am honored to have him consider me a friend.

Cindy Zubak
Insurance Trust Monitor

“An excellent employer. Honest, trustworthy, dedicated. Russ Jr. spoke to everyone, whether you were an executive or maintenance person, he treated us all with respect”

Jeanie Simpson
Owner of The Sheep Baatique

“Russ is a gifted person and the best boss I’ve ever had the priviledge to work with. Anything that he does is done to the highest degree possible. He is a natural born leader and his integrity and character are second to none. He not only cares about his employees but also their families. This is a characteristic not seen much these days.”

Kim Hager
Spiegel Family Realty, PFGBest Company, Grundy County Memorial Hospital

Prior to Complete Developer, Russ was President & COO of a top 50 US financial derivatives firm which was among the very first to deliver futures customer orders directly to CME Globex in 1998 that innovated and developed online trading technology in the futures and options on commodities, stock indexes, currencies, fixed income and precious metals sectors.

Russ spent 26 years building technology, media and sales support structures that supported as much as 800 distribution locations in 35 countries.


  • Leader that has experience running 18 different companies (Restaurants, Publishing, Finance, Trading, Marketing)
  • Packaging and Distribution–Experience packaging and distributing products and services in a vast array of industries
  • Sales Training, Education and Motivation–Trained large groups of sales teams and offices around the world
  • 28 years of experience in business 
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