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As always I want to bring you something that will be an asset to your business.  Today, I want to help you understand a bit more about how important ‘mobile advertising’ is.

The digital world is quickly leaving your desktop computer behind and going mobile on your smartphone. The same is true for your customers—and the advertising it takes to get their attention.

Mobile advertising will account for 72% of total digital spending by 2019, according to eMarketer. But digital advertising occupies a broad landscape, so it’s important to focus your efforts to make the most of your budget.

Social Media Platforms are excellent mobile advertising options for business owners who want to target locally. They specialize in delivering local businesses to potential customers at the moment when customers are ready to take action—most likely on a mobile device.

Google AdWords is another fruitful option, but again, think local. With minimal execution and budget, a small business owner can create a simple text ad and target the ad around keywords, location, time of day or device.

Mobile display advertising networks are yet another option.

Test the waters with the Google Display Network, which “provides the ability to run mobile-specific ads (at minimal cost) to thousands of mobile apps and websites. Using the same targeting as the text ad, small business owners can highlight the keywords surrounding their product or service and deliver ads to only the customers interested.

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PS. Get Rich in a Niche~Don’t try to be everything to everyone.