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I hope you are enjoying a wonderful start to your week!  Today’s tip is KEY to being found for your business!


Business owners will need to a pay a little more attention to their “Google My Business” accounts now. Google has started to remove the verified badge from businesses that have left their Google My Business accounts inactive for long a time.

Often, businesses change names, move to new locations, or shut down entirely without making changes to the online directories where they listed the business. This leads to a situation where Google search results and maps can show “verified” listings for businesses that don’t exist. This new policy will help Google give more accurate local search results.

Removing the verified badge should matter to business owners because it affects how the business looks when people search for it on Google. If a customer searches for nearby restaurants on a mobile device and one listing is verified and the other isn’t, the person is more likely to check out the verified listing first.

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