Happy 4th Week!

Social Media changes as often as the weather, one of the things that is frustrating to most people, but the thing I love, it never gets boring!

For those of you that are using Facebook for business to client relationships, this is important for you to know!

Facebook is using the Algorithm Hammer to Get Your Content

Facebook is using their own algorithm to even further incentivize marketers and business people to publish on their platform natively. This is not an accident.

This makes me realize two things:

  1. Should you have a different publishing schedule and strategy for Facebook as opposed to what you’re doing on your own sites? I’m not sure yet.
  2. Video is now even more important on Facebook. If you’re watching a video, you are probably spending more time on that than you do on reading a regular post, meaning that video will get more credit based on this new tweak to the algorithm.

If you don’t have a Facebook video strategy, my friends, I think it’s time that you get one.

To Your Success!


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