Good Morning Dear Friends!

I am reading a terrific book, Create Distinction by Scott McKain….and he raises some excellent thoughts that would benefit us all as we are closing to the end of the year and making our plans for 2016.

We have arrived at the collapse of ‘distinction’…and it’s time to implement strategies that highlight yourself (Personal Branding), and your organization (Branding Excellence) to create a greater space between you and your competition!

Are you showing that distinction in your online presence?

Few organizations really change; instead they merely shuffle. Mediocracy abounds.

Mediocracy is the singular worst place to be in all of business! Thanks Scott for the kick in the ass….time to create distinction!


Carpe Diem Baby!

To Your Success!



Charlyn Shelton, Visionary leader and Speaker

“Because…Relationships Matter!”

I’m happy to come and speak to your company or organization about personal branding!