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Something we don’t always like about social media is the opportunity for others to say whatever they want about us. Jay Baer, one of the best in the online marketing world has a new keynote address “Hug Your Haters”.   It’s a skill set we all need to embrace.

Bad reviews sting like saltwater in a cut, especially if you think you’re doing everything right. But we all have rough days, sometimes something is overlooked, and on occasion you run into that customer who is really hard to please. Unfortunately, in the end, a bad review is a bad review, and it shouldn’t be overlooked, ignored or deleted.

Before you let a bad review throw you into a tailspin, take a deep breath and relax. Something good could come from the mishap, although you may have to work a bit to see it clearly. As Bill Gates said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” So regardless of the unpleasant details, there’s probably a silver lining trying to shine through the stormy situation.

“Take a moment to understand your customer’s complaint,” said Omer Cnaani, vice president of marketing at Yotpo. “Consumer feedback is the number-one way to understand how to serve your shoppers better. Reviews help you see what customers like and don’t like, so you know how to better your product or service.”

After the initial surge of anger or despair ebbs, you have a chance to publicly offer a solution and give transparent customer service that shows you care—which is one of the best ways to impact your brand’s image.

As we embrace gratitude, blessings and Thanksgiving this week, may we also ‘hug our haters’ for the gifts and opportunities to learn.

My wish for you and your families this week is to turn off the computers, lose the phones, and embrace your loved ones!  Because…relationships matter!  Thank you for being a gift in my life!  xo-C


To Your Success!



Charlyn Shelton, Visionary team leader and Professional Speaker

“Because…Relationships Matter!”