Hello again!

I hate to overload you with too much, but I am headed out this week to spend some quality time with this new grandson and this is for next week’s tip.


My daughter has never in 14 years called with an SOS, and did this past week so I am going out to help for a few days.

Nothing life threatening, but life has thrown too many curve balls for her recently and we all know what that feels like don’t we?  Thanks for being understanding.

So if you’ll pardon the interruption, I want to also share this recent change on LinkedIn that I think is important for you to know!

Mass Messages

While I used to support sending the very occasional mass message if you unchecked box that says “Allow recipients to see each others names and email addresses”, this option is no longer available in the new LinkedIn Message Center roll out. You no longer have a way to send mass messages without sharing everyone’s contact information with everyone else included in the message.

Because of this change, I would recommend not ever sending out mass messages, except in cases where you are either:

  1. a) introducing your connections to each other or
  2. b) all participants are willingly engaged in a conversation.

It is important to note that anytime anyone in the conversation replies, everyone will see it and there is no way to remove yourself from the conversation (although you can mute receiving notifications for the conversation).

What types of LinkedIn messages do you receive that drive you crazy?  Please share…and I’ll write an article to try to help stop the madness.

As always, I wish you much success!