We understand engagement is key in social media; yet it is more than just getting ‘LIKES’… the insider secret….


Let’s use a Facebook Business page as an example.

I chuckle whenever I hear someone say that likes no longer matter. That there’s no value in page likes anymore, and that you should certainly never run ads to increase that audience.

I know that I’m increasingly in the minority of people who disagree with this stance, but I disagree because of the results I see. Not only does organic reach still exist, but this is an extremely valuable group of people to target with ads.

Let’s assume for a moment that organic reach no longer exists at all (it does, but hang with me). Even then, there would be value in a like.

Why? Because by liking your page, a user is separating themselves from the herd. You previously saw that user as one of hundreds of thousands or millions with similar interests. That group, by itself, has limited expectations for performance.

By liking your page, that user is placed into a bucket. I then target that group to drive website traffic, build my email list and sell products.

You know what? I have more success targeting fans than any other group. So, yes. Fans (high quality fans, of course) really do matter!

So use your ‘list’, target your fans…just work smarter…not harder!


Wishing you much success!